Happy New Year!


Okay, so I’m a bit late… But after a lovely (but virus-loaded) Christmas season. I am ready to get back to this blog.

I started Out Of Hours Blog with the intention of blogging on a regular basis about my experience of recurrent miscarriage, from the dual perspective of a patient and doctor, and also about how this has affected my life as a new mother. I also wanted to raise awareness amongst medical colleagues (primarily) about the management of baby loss.

I feel I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I have to say as I have (obviously) been busy with motherhood – BUT this WILL change in 2019. This blog is about to get real…

I plan to blog with purpose, giving essential facts along with my opinion based on personal experiences. I want to use this platform as a tool to share and gather momentum and create a movement that will mean the topic of baby loss is no longer taboo, but a well understood and supported area of clinical practice. So that no woman will have to feel the way I did: alone, ashamed and unsupported should she ever have the misfortune of experiencing recurrent baby loss.

I am going to declare a regular blog-posting day: SUNDAYS. I want to be held to account if I do not post. I’ve realised I need this personal pressure.

Watch this space (every Sunday if you can!)

Big love!


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