Time to refresh

Okay, my blog app tells me its been a month (!) since I last wrote a blog post. How on earth did that happen?

My blog and social media was BLAW heavy in early October and generally I think #BLAW2018 was a real success. There certainly was a much greater publicity around the issue of baby loss this year with several posts across social media platforms, articles in the newspapers, on the news and daytime television.

Of course Baby Loss Awareness Week culminated in the #WaveOfLight which was a wonderful tribute.

But… I kinda felt lost. Unsure where to go next, what would be the most appropriate next blog post to write. I’ve scribbled several blog notes in my trusty notebook, but none made it to a proper post. And of course, the longer you leave it, the harder it is to get back on the horse as it were…

So here I am today – writing something. Anything. It certainly wont be my best blog post, but at least it’s me putting finger to keyboard and pressing publish.

I’ve stepped away long enough. I’m ready to come back to this passion project. I am ready to talk all things recurrent miscarriage and motherhood. Back to my target of blogging weekly.

I hope you will stick with me.


Big love!




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