A New Blog…


My name is Sandra. I am a GP and I live on the UK’s South Coast.

For some years now I have wanted to start a blog, but have struggled to find a purpose or topic to write about. Initially I wanted to write about all things beauty, fashion and photography- related, but struggled remain passionate about these topics. So, I carried on with my life and career instead… I married my soulmate, moved to the South Coast and soon we embarked on our journey to start a family. This is where our lives changed forever…

In 2016 I suffered the first of my miscarriages. This hit like a ton of bricks. Still, we continued to try for our dream of having children and after a long and heartbreaking journey we hope our dreams will come true this summer.

I write this blog post nervously in my third trimester.

I want to write about my experiences as a way of sharing my story with others in a similar situation, to help women realise that they are not alone. I want to try to help raise the profile of miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss. I want to try to help remove the stigma that surrounds miscarriage and subfertility. I want to be a story of hope for others… If my story can help one woman then this blog has truly been worth while.

Big love! Xx




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